What is a student-run consultancy?

The Consulting Academy is a student-run organization that provides university students the opportunity to solve real life business problems for clients. The academy raises elite student consultants by engaging with the business world and solving challenging problems. It affords business early exposure to talent and competent consultants whilst increasing the competency of the students and stretching their business capabilities.


By Students For Students

The idea of a student-run consulting firm is to challenge passionate students beyond their academic curriculum by working on real-life consulting projects. You are enabled to apply your theoretical knowledge from university and gain practical work experience while studying. Further, you can expand your capabilities far beyond the realms of your academic pursuits, acquiring useful skills such as business plan design or marketing and growth strategies. Finally, you become a member of a global network of passionate, problem-solving students.


Interfacing With Companies

Clients profit from our unique consulting expertise. Our innovative approach and unbiased point of view enables us to solve tomorrow’s problems at an excellent price-performance ratio. Partnering with us allows companies to invest into the next generation of problem solvers, equipping them with essential skills to accelerate the transition into the workplace. Partnership further opens a portal through which companies can gain access to our talents.  

“I learnt so much about IT skills and techniques as well as broader consulting and business skills, not to mention team work.”

Ryan Hudson

Alumni | The Consulting Academy Cape Town

“Being part of the Public Relations department was an incredible addition to my marketing studies, being able to put theory into practice.”

Nikki Mendu

Alumni | The Consulting Academy Cape Town

“Through TCA, I was able to make a difference by applying my unique and innovative problem solving skills to be part of the solution.”

Thabo Scott

Alumni | The Consulting Academy Cape Town