Consulting Services

Innovative solutions for any business challenge

Clients profit from our unique consulting expertise. Our innovative approach and unbiased point of view enables us to solve tomorrow’s problems at an excellent price-performance ratio. We have completed numerous projects with renowned clients.

IT & Systems

We support companies by optimising the website and web applications and offering innovative solutions to the interactions between the company and its stakeholders.

Human Resources

We help corporates setup and develop an efficient recruitment programme, by aligning the needs of the client with the pools of individuals with the required skills.

Process Optimization

We assist our clients to maximize the effectiveness and profitability of their operations chain and production chains by evaluating the current processes and restructuring them to match the company’s growth objectives.

Market Entry Strategy

Consultants are trained to define business objectives and align those with marketing and sale plans, to develop a strategy that will outline the new marketing framework.

Quality Standard

Every student starting at The Consulting Academy passes through a series of training sessions to achieve the necessary skills for consulting. When those are completed, our members go on and continuously improve their skills in other consulting specific training.

We only select high-potential, passionate and deeply committed students. Our recruiting process was jointly developed with Horvath & Partners and approved by the Professor for Human Capital Management at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich.

From day one our members experience practical and challenging project work. This expertise is transferred through a sophisticated knowledge management system to ensure consistency in all projects completed under The Consulting Academy.

Each project is headed by an experienced project manager and supervised by a controller. A controller acts as a mentor and guide for the project. They provide extensive feedback, keep an overview and act as a backup.

Consulting Process

First Informational Meeting

After the project inquiry, we get in contact with the potential client to evaluate in detail which challenges you are facing and which consulting approach will fit your needs best.

Project Staffing

Based on the competences needed and time availability, we staff our consultants internally to the project to ensure that the project is completed with the utmost dexterity.


The project team will then prepare an offer which includes a detailed description of the project approach, a timeline and financial calculation.

Project Realisation

After the project is accepted the consultants start working. During the whole project the team will be advised by a controller, a very experienced consultant, to guarantee maximum quality in every aspect of the project.

Final Presentation

After work on your project has finished, we present our results to you in a final presentation. Thereby we will provide you with concrete suggestions to implement our results.


Benefits of associating with The Consulting Academy

Prioritised consulting service & lower rates

Being a partner of The Consulting Academy will provide your company with a prioritisation in our consulting services. In addition to having a higher priority with our services, you will profit from receiving a lower rate on consulting projects.

Access to high potentials

A partnership with The Consulting Academy will offer organisations a direct link to the pool of the extensively skilled members of The Consulting Academy. This is as opposed to bursary and scholarship programmes that still require the nurturing of the potential.


As a partner, you will appear in a variety of distributed media by The Consulting Academy (flyer, website, presentation, etc). In addition, you will be given the option to use an email distribution list to inform all of our members about developments in your company / or other offers. Increase your popularity far beyond the boundaries of your organisation.

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Yaseen Mowzer

Director of Corporate Relations